When to Drink Green Juice

Green juices are exceptionally popular and they are having their fair share of fame because of their distinguished health care benefits.
Are you already consuming one glass of green juice a day but still not feeling as good as the fitness experts claim that you will? YOU are not the only one in the league because there are many consumers of green juice that are deprived of its 100% benefits because of one common reason.
Yes, there is one big mistake that many people are committing when it comes to green juices. You might have read a dozen articles about the advantages of green juices but did you paid attention to when to drink green juice?
Well, probably not, and that is exactly why it is not doing as good for your body as its potential is. Wrong timing can make any effort go miserably wrong and the same is true for green juices. Consuming them at the wrong time cannot just make you deprived of its potential benefits but also waste all the effort that you have put into making it.
One mistake can cost you that much! It sounds terrible right? Don’t worry we are here to make sure that you never commit the same mistake again and get complete benefits from your refreshing green juice that you deserve after putting an effort into making it.
This article will tell you everything that you need to know about the perfect timing and things you need to do when you are using green juices to obtain maximized health benefits.
Affiliated Meals
Are you drinking green juice with your meals? If yes then you need to understand that you should not consume them with your meals because that slows down their absorption from your digestive system to your bloodstream. As a result of this slow processing, your green juice is likely to stay in the gut for a long time where a considerable amount of its nutrients are consumed by the good bacteria who are present there. You need to drink green juice at least two to three hours after the meal that you have already consumed and at least one to two hours before the time you will take another meal. This helps in the maximum absorption of nutrients to your bloodstream and consequently maximized the advantages of green juice.
Green Juice’s Best Buddy
Just like we get along with the selective type of people and end up being the best buddies, the best friend of green juices are salads and they don’t get along with any other meals except them. If you wish to accelerate the benefits of your green juice, you can use them with a serving of salad to make you feel full and adds to alkaline properties of green juice making it work much better as compared to its association with any other meals. Salads also compensate for the fiber requirement that green juice is a bit deficient in. It is recommended that you use salad as one meal and supplement with green juice. This reduces the overall calorie intake of your day and provides you with all the vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes that you require for the healthy functioning of your mind and body.
State of Stomach
As we have told you already meals make nutrition absorption of juices ineffective. When your stomach is empty it works the fastest and digests the juice well making sure that all the nutritional elements in the juice are absorbed well and fast to be available to all the body organs. You must be wondering how to know that your stomach is empty or not? Your stomach is empty after you have spent more than four to five hours without eating.
Time of Day
We don’t recommend that you starve for four to five hours in the day to consume green juice so it is best to drink it as the first thing in the morning because your stomach is emptied when you are sleeping. This makes morning the best time of the day to consume your green juice. Moreover, it is morning when you need to start your day and what can be better than starting your day with a complete health care beverage like green juice. Green juice allows you to take a healthy start to spend the entire day feeling fit and energized.
Cut Some Caffeine
Drinking green juice is an amazing alternative to caffeinated beverages. However, like many others, we are sure that you might also feel that you can’t reduce your tea and coffee intake to zero. It is because tea and coffee have been an essential part of our lives for long enough to make us crave them. This happens because the body becomes habitual of a certain level of caffeine. We highly recommend that you cut some consumption of caffeinated drinks if you drink more than 4 cups in a day. Along with that, it is important to avoid taking tea or coffee right before or after drinking your green juice. It is because green juices are better when you consume them cold and on the other hand tea and coffee are consumed hot, drinking them together can cause temperature imbalance in your body. Another problem with consuming them together or with smaller intervals is that the acidity of caffeinated beverages interferes with the green juice causing loss of many nutritional components and therefore they reduce the benefits that you obtain from it. It is highly recommended that you at least wait for 2 hours before and after drinking green juice to take your tea or coffee to retain the benefits of both drinks.
Doing the right thing at the right time always ensures that you get the desired outcomes; the same is true for your amazing green juice. You need to take it in the mornings with an empty stomach to make sure all the vitamins and minerals are absorbed well by your body. Make sure that you keep 2 hours between your green juice and caffeinated beverages. Increase the benefits that you get from green juice by using it with a salad serving.

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