What is detox tea?

Detoxification practices have existed for several centuries, especially the practice of consuming food or drinks that seem to rid your body of toxins. Some examples of naturally-occurring foods that detoxify your body are fruits, vegetables, and water. There are also many companies now that manufacture and sell detoxifying food and drinks. A popular example is detox tea.

Does the phrase ring a bell? That’s probably because of all the celebrities out there who’ve tweeted about the numerous health benefits of detox teas. However, celebrity twitter accounts are hardly the place to get reliable information, especially about something that affects your health.

There is a lot of misinformation out there about what detox teas are and how they benefit your health. Do you want to learn more about detox teas and decide for yourself if you should give them a try? If yes, you’ve come to the right place!

What is detox tea?

Teas are one of the most popular health beverages. There are innumerable health benefits of teas: reduced risk for heart disease, improved concentration, and even weight loss. However, the off-the-counter tea alone doesn’t have nutrients that can cleanse your body of toxins. This is where detox teas come in.

As the name suggests, detox teas are (also referred to as fitness teas, teatox, and skinny teas) are teas that contain substances that cleanse your body of toxins. Many of the foods that we consume on a daily basis contain toxins, especially processed food that is high in carbohydrates, alcohol and even meat. These toxins build up over time, impacting your physical and mental health as well as your cognitive abilities such as concentration. Although your body removes these toxins everyday, drinking detox teas would improve and speed up that process.

How is it different?

There are many differences between normal teas and detox teas. Firstly, tea contains caffeine, which is a diuretic. A diuretic is a substance that increases the production of urine, making you lose water from your body. Many experts say that consuming tea or coffee regularly can help you lose weight- you lose ‘water weight’ as a result of increased excretion.

Detox teas contain higher levels of caffeine than other teas, which is the main reason why they aid weight loss.

Moreover, unlike normal teas which usually contain only a single ingredient, detox teas are a mixture of ingredients: tea leaves (such as green tea and oolong tea leaves), laxatives, and herbs. The following are some ingredients used in detox teas:

○ Cinnamon: Cinnamon has many health benefits, including improved digestion and faster burning of fat (especially abdominal fat).

○ Black tea: There are many evidence-based health benefits you can derive from these substances: weight loss, improved metabolism, improved heart health, and lower blood sugar level.

○ Green tea: Using green tea leaves in detox teas makes them more effective for weight loss. They also offer anti-ageing benefits and may reduce your risk for certain diseases.

○ Matcha: This ingredient improves your metabolism, which also allows you to lose weight faster.

○ Hibiscus: Hibiscus leaves are rich in antioxidants, protecting your cells from damage.

○ Milk thistle: These herbs are used for treating liver disease. They are also rich in antioxidants.

○ Senna: Senna is a powerful laxative substance. It has some benefits (such as curing constipation) but it should be consumed with caution.

○ Parsley tea: This is a tea rich in diuretics, which helps you lose weight and alleviate bloat.

○ Lemon tea: This type of tea contains citric acid, which also acts as a diuretic. Moreover, this also improves your digestive function and dental health.

The laxative substances especially aid weight loss by increasing the amount of excretory material your body produces. You take more trips to the bathroom, thereby losing weight. These substances also give a flatter look to your stomach.

What benefits does it offer?

People who’ve tasted detox teas extol its many benefits. Just some benefits they claimed to have experienced include:

● Weight loss
● Reducing bloat
● Lower levels of stress
● Clearer and more radiant skin
● Healthier organs
● Improved confidence
● Improved mood
● Higher energy levels

Usually, you consume the tea for a period of around a week- this is known as the ‘cleansing period.’ It is also recommended that you make other changes to your diet and exercise habits before you start consuming detox teas. For them to work, you must reduce the burden put on your organs by cutting out junk food from your diet. The increased excretion (through sweat) from exercise also aids your body in removing toxins.

Because detox teas contain so many substances, it is important to be careful and perform thorough research before you pick a tea. Make sure that you are aware of all the ingredients that are present in the tea so that you know if it contains any substances that you are allergic to. It is also a good idea to consult a doctor before you try a particular tea, just to be extra careful.

Moreover, the scientific evidence on the effectiveness of these teas is also lacking, which is why it is best to take these claims with a grain of salt. However, as long as the ingredients used are natural, and don’t contain herbs that might cause adverse side-effects, detox teas are safe to consume.

Concluding thoughts

As we’ve seen, detox teas contain numerous ingredients that are beneficial for your health. They can help you get rid of toxins, allowing your body and mind to function optionally.

People who’ve tried detox tea said that it not only helped them lose weight, but it also elevated their mood and energy levels throughout the day. However, you should beware of certain substances present in these teas- especially laxatives- that might take a toll on your body.

So, what is the verdict on detox teas? The science on it is still unclear, but usually, there is no negative side-effect of consuming substances such as green tea and lemon tea. Just be careful to avoid teas that contain ingredients you are allergic to.

If you are unsure about which detox tea to buy, make sure to check out the Red Tea Detox website.

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