How to Tell If I am In Ketosis

During your research on weight loss and a healthy lifestyle, you will come across many diet plans. Ketogenic diet is a hot topic in the health industry lately.
The ketogenic diet is not just a diet plan, but a healthy lifestyle. It has a significant impact on your metabolism which results in weight loss. The remarkable results of keto are all over the internet and if you are planningto adopt this diet plan, get ready to experience some healthy changes in your body.
Ketogenic is based on high fat intake and minimal carb intake; therefore, it is also known as a high fat – low carb diet. It takes time for your body to adjust to this massive change since a major part of your diet is carbohydrates. Once your body gets habitual of fats as the primary source of energy, you are good to go.
Ketosis – The Process Explained
Generally, the human diet is based on carbohydrates and they become the primary source of energy. Sadly, this is an unhealthy practice that the majority of people are following. For energy, the body breaks down the primary source of energy; the carbs in the majority of the cases. Unfortunately, the breakdown requires a lot of water and the downside is, the result is the release of water too. Fats, during the process, are stored in the liver and become the source of high levels of cholesterol and bad fat accumulation in the body.
However, the ketogenic diet focuses on high fat intake which means your primary source of energy is fat now. The breakdown of fatty acids occurs at the cellular level and the water is required in a small quantity. Moreover, the water released during the fat breakdown is either excreted or utilized by the body. This means that water is not stored in the body.
To ease it up, breakdown of fats results in ketone production which provides energy to the body, and the entire process is called ketosis.
Signs of Ketosis
During the fat breakdown, small bodies called ketones are produced that serves as a source of energy for the brain. An interesting fact is that the body requires time to undergo ketosis and produce ketones. Your body responds to this change in diet, and you have numerous signs indicating that your body has undergone ketosis. Let’s take a look at the signs thatindicate ketosis.
Carbs provide instant energy but fats require some time for it. This change in energy providers often results in a headache. Your body is undergoing a lot of changes simultaneously and headache is the simplest sign to identify.
Loss of Appetite
Fats become the major constituent of your diet and there might be metabolic changes due to which people have a loss of appetite. The specific reason is still unknown but this is one of the logical reasons you might witness. Sudden change in the diet alters hormones and metabolism hence, you lose appetite.
Bad Breath
Do you want to know whether your body has undergone ketosis or not without any big tests? Keep a check on your breath for this one. If your breath goes bad, consider that your body has undergone ketosis completely. You can calm yourself because your body has successfully adopted ketosis. You would not feel lethargic anymore.
The most asked question is why bad breath? Your body does not store any ketones produced during ketosis. As soon as your body gets energy, the ketones are excreted and ketones choose different paths for leaving the body. Sweat and breath are the most common tracks hence, you have bad breath once your body has undergone ketosis. Bad breath lasts for one or two weeks but if the problem persists, it might be a sign of a dental problem or excessive ketones in the bloodstream.
Rapid Weight Loss
You might have often heard people saying that they lost a lot of weight in the initial days of the keto diet. This is true because fats stored by the body previously are utilized first and then, the fats you are eating are used. In a nutshell, your body is not storing a massive amount of fats. Ultimately, you lose a lot of weight instantly. Note that the process of weight loss is rapid in the first few weeks due to ketosis. It will slow down as soon as your body is habitual of it.
Carbohydrates are an instant source of energy. They do not require much time for a breakdown. On the other hand, fats require time to provide energy to the body. This often results in lousiness and a lethargic feeling. The amount of energy produced due to breakdown of one fat molecule is lower than carb breakdown hence, the person feels lethargic and lazy. Take it easy because this is temporary and a more energetic version of your body is under construction.
One of the major signs of ketosis also includes sleeplessness or insomnia. The majority of people on keto have reported this and you may one of these people too. Do not worry if you cannot sleep comfortably for a few days. This is a good sign that your body has undergone ketosis. Once your body gets fond of ketosis, your sleep cycle will get better than before.
The Bottom Line
Ketogenic is a famous diet plan which is referred to as a healthy lifestyle by the dietitians. Undoubtedly, it has a significant impact on your health and it also saves the body from health hazards like diabetes and cardiovascular disorders. Changing the diet and energy sources is tough but your body becomes habitual of this improved diet. Ketosis is a tough process and the time for undergoing ketosis varies from person to person. Various signs can help you identify if your body is undergoing ketosis or not. Bad breath is the most common one but you may experience insomnia and loss of appetite. Remember that weight loss takes time and you have to be consistent to experience any changes. Never give up and do not lose hope.

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