How to Make Green Juice

Green juice is one of the healthiest beverages ever made by mankind. You can see it all over the social sites, fitness blogs, and even on the profiles and stories of your friends. Once you have known all the benefits now you might be wondering how to make Green Juice? It seems like something complex doesn’t it? Trust us it is very easy to make a glass of this refreshing drink to maintain your health and fitness. The best part is that there no well-defined recipe or ingredients and this fact leaves you with the ultimate freedom to choose the green vegetables that are easily available to you. There are two major options however that you can consider:
Readymade Green Juice
As Green Juice has broken all the popularity records when it comes to the most healthy and beneficial drink, many companies and juice outlets are busy making it easily available to you and of course, they are earning a fortune through them because people who are busy and want some healthy addition to the meals they choose to bag fitness thorough readymade green juices.
There are three major readymade green juice variants that you can choose from in the market.
1. Bottled – The first one is bottled green juices. They come refrigerated in the bottles that you can buy from the store and keep in the fridge until you want to drink it. All you have to do is open the bottle and drink it. Once the bottle is open you cannot store it for a long time and after drinking the residual content must be discarded.
2. Powdered Form – The second is green juices available in powder form famous with the name Organifi Green Juices. They are tough contenders for homemade green juices because they are low cost, easy to use, and store. Organifi Green Juices are easy to prepare all you have to do is add some powder according to the package directs in the glass, pour some water, and mix well. Your Organifi green juice is now ready to drink.
3. Fresh Juice – The last but not the least readymade variant of green juices are the fresh green juices available in the juice shops. Well, all you have to do is go and order some green juice for yourself and the rest is up to them. While most juice sellers stick to their method and ingredients to make green juice there are some amazing outlets they allow you to choose ingredients that you want to add to your green juice. Everyone has their personal preferences!
Do you know what it sounds like? It sounds like a fresh and customized green juice with no effort, what else can you ask for?
Homemade Green Juice
Some people love to make drinks themselves and a few more who love to put in extra effort when it comes to health and fitness. If you are one of them then you will feel the sheer delight to prepare a glass full of amazing green juice that brings heath and energy to your body. When it comes to homemade methods there are two basic variants in homemade green juices one is the world-famous juicing and the other is by the use of the blender.
It is good to incorporate some fruits to your drink but make sure that you do not overload your green juice with fruits instead of vegetables because it increases the sugar content in your juice making it less healthy and high on calories.
You can take 1 part fruit and 3 part green vegetables like cucumber, celery, and kale, etc. Green fruits like green apples are better addition as compared to other fruits that are high on sugar. You can also add ginger and carrots for flavor and additional benefits.
Now when you have got all the ingredients ready you need to chop them down in smaller size because larger sized vegetables and fruits put a load on the juicer and can even make your juicer malfunction. Another problem with large sized pieces is that juice cannot be effectively extracted from them by the machine due to their large fiber network which shortens on cutting into small size.
Put these ingredients in the juicer, you can add them one ingredient after another or we prefer that you mix the ingredients so that you get a homogenized flavor in every sip however if you juice one ingredient after other you can mix the extracted green juice, in the end, to make sure that juice from all the ingredients is mixed well and your green juice tastes the same from top to the bottom.
Some people don’t have a juicer and don’t plan to purchase one anytime sooner. If you are one of them, we can understand that juicer takes a lot of storage space in your kitchen, and after using they are considerably high to clean after they are used. On the contrary, it is more probable that you have a blender in your home that is exactly what you need to make a delicious green juice for yourself without the fuss of purchasing and cleaning a juicer.
All the rules are the same even if you are making green juice in a blender. The fruit to vegetable ratio remains the same and so does the cutting in small bites part. Two things are a bit different. The first one is that you need to add a little amount of water to make blending easy for the machine and second is that you need to put the blended mixture in a strainer and put some pressure on it with a large spoon to extract the juice.
Making green juice is not a very difficult task once you have all the ingredients gathered. If you don’t have time to prepare one for yourself you can go to the readymade options but if you are ready to put some extra effort into a healthy life switch to the homemade green juices.

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