How to lose weight without counting calories?

Excessive weight is the biggest hindrance in leading a prosperous life. People who have high weight are considered an easy target for various diseases. The heart gets weaker, the knees feel the pressure, and your physical appearance changes.

The unnecessary layers of fat in our body decreases our physical strength and caliber to do normal activities. The exaggerated fat leads to complicated diseases like obesity, diabetes, low density or bad cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases and many more unwanted issues. That is why maintaining appropriate weight is of immense importance.

A person acquiring a healthy weight tends to live longer and much happier than the person who is overweight or obese. The normal questions which prick people who are planning to lose weight are generally related to calories. Calories are considered as the prime reason for obesity.

What are calories?

Calories are basically a scale of measuring the energy that is consumed through food items. The energy that is present in the nutrition of the food that we consume is known as a calorie. Calories are closely associated with our weight and metabolism.

If the amount of unused and undigested calories will be high in our body then we will not be able to maintain a healthy weight. The unused portion of calories gets accumulated in our body in the form of body fats.

The maintenance of consumption of calories and expenditure of calories is important. The leftover portion of calories substantially increases the unhealthy weight in our body.

Is losing weight possible without keeping a check on calories.
Although, calories are an important aspect of weight regulation one can curb the excessive layers of body weight without deeming calories. There are certain proven scientific ways which easy up the road of losing weight without concentrating much on calories.

Following are the best ways through which you can lose weight without counting calories-

● Focus more on carbohydrates than calories.

Carbohydrates are the nutrients that add up more weight into our body as compared to other nutrients. Carbohydrates are high in calories and high in energy levels which increases the addition of fat stored in our body. The consumption of carbohydrates rich like potatoes, corn, sugar-rich food items, dairy products, rice etc food must be limited.

Do not cut them from scratch because they are important as well because they provide energy to our body. All one needs to do is limit the amount of carbohydrate-rich food. Avoid junk foods to a greater extent as they are the richest sources of unhealthy carbohydrates.

Resort to healthy carbohydrate-rich food items like bananas, sweet potatoes, oats, buckwheat, quinoa etc. This tactic of regulation of carbohydrates will help us to shatter unhealthy weight. By properly limiting the number of carbohydrates, we can easily lead the pathway of losing weight.

● Protein is your savior.

Protein-rich food items are best in order to lose weight. They do not get settled in our body and get digested easily. They are beneficial for the body to manifolds. Protein-rich foodstuffs are known to improve our metabolism and regulate efficiency in our body. They reduce our appetite in a healthy way and we naturally tend to eat less because of the satiated feeling imparted by proteins. Proteins strengthen our muscles and control excessive hunger. Blood pressure levels are normalized by protein-rich food and we lead towards a healthy and maintained body. Best protein foods are soybean, milk, fish, legumes, whole wheat grains, yoghurt, tofu etc. Make them an essential part of your diet and lose weight.

● Essentiality of water.

Water, water everywhere is not just the famous quote by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, it is true in sense related to our body. Our body comprises a good number of 60 percent of water only. Water is not only meant to quench our thirst, but it also caters a great number of advantages to our body. It boosts the process of metabolism and enhances our digestion.

It maintains a healthy temperature of our body and regulates good levels of blood pressure. It boosts the production of saliva in our esophagus regulating the fine movement of food during easy digestion. Thus, water is essential for bolstering healthy body weight. Consume more than 6 glasses of water a day in order to lose weight rapidly.

● Switch to a high fibre diet.

High fiber rich food helps us in effectively losing weight. They help us in losing weight during digestion in our body. The fiber adds more volume into stools thus making bowel movements hassle-free. If excretion will be easy then all the harmful toxins and the extra weight will part there ways easily from our body. High fiber foods make us feel fuller and our tendency to consume food after short intervals of time minimizes. If we eat less and digest more than our body will adapt to the healthy criteria of weight. Excessive dieting leads us nowhere, in fact, we end up eating more in this routine. That is why eat smart and lose weight more smartly. Include a good chunk of high fiber food items into your diet like oats, barley, whole wheat grain bread, pulses, beans, nuts, carrots, broccoli, oranges, melon etc.

● Exercise often.

Exercise is the best way to reduce extra weight. Keep in mind that physical exercise is as important as consuming healthy weight. The amalgam of a good diet and a little exercise daily is enough to lose weight. Resort to basic and easy exercises like running, jumping, moving if you are not capable of doing highly sophisticated exercises. Exercises will minimize the risky weight spacing into your body. It will also regulate your healthy blood pressure. It will reduce the risk of diabetes and severe cardiovascular diseases as well. Both, good levels of mental as well as physical health can be attained by exercising. Exercising will help you in becoming more agile, flexible, healthier and happier.

These are the best methods to shed extra weight without deeming the concept of calories. These vital ways will preserve your hassle in maintaining calories. They will significantly aid you in losing weight.

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