How To Lose 50 Pounds In 2 Months

Do you believe that you can lose 50 pounds in 2 months? If you’re honest, it probably sounds too good to be true, right? The fact is, most of us have come to distrust most of the ‘miracle’ weight-loss claims we see online and elsewhere, and with good reason.

If you’re reading this, however, know that you’re in for something a little different. We’re going to go over some of the most effective weight loss measures you can implement into your lifestyle so that you do lose 50 pounds in 2 months.

See, research has come to show that weight loss goes a little bit against what common sense might lead us to expect. This is because the more overweight you are, the easier it is to lose a lot of weight – quickly. This is especially true at the beginning of your weight loss journey. That’s the secret behind our claim.

Believe in yourself and don’t give up halfway. You too can start on your way to losing 50 pounds in 2 months by following these pointers.

• Get Rid of Temptations

Eating right and avoiding junk food takes a lot of discipline, that’s for sure. What many of us tend to overlook is the value of avoiding these temptations in the first place. Its part of your weight loss discipline should be removing any temptations entirely from your kitchen.
This includes such things as cakes, sweets, chocolates, and anything else that you know will only harm your weight loss efforts. Eliminating these options in your own home often weakens your cravings for them, making it even easier for you to avoid them in the outside world, where you have less control over what is placed before you.

• Take Up Some Cardio
Cardio refers to any exercises that are designed to increase a person’s heart rate. When your heart rate increases, you burn up a lot more calories than you would in a resting state. You also build up a bit of lean muscle this way, which will increase your metabolic rate, causing you to burn up my calories even in a rest state.
Do not be afraid. Cardio can comprise of activities as simple as taking a walk, jogging, swimming, biking, and such. It is low intensity and low impact, plus you won’t have to go into a gym to do it. You may not need to leave your house, for that matter. Keep up a steady cardio routine by carrying out any of these activities for at least 30 minutes every day and you will be on track to meeting your target.

• Drink more Water
Here’s a fun fact: research indicates that over 80 percent of people we see walking around are in a state of dehydration. Surprising? It shouldn’t be. We all learned in school that the average human being should take around 2 liters of water each day, but how many of us do it? How many of us even get o half of that on an average day?
The reason this is relevant for us here is that the symptoms of mild dehydration are very similar to those of hunger. For many, those cravings or hunger pangs might just be their body needing water.
It’s not too hard to see how taking care of our water needs can help us take off excess weight and keep it off. A simple and effective way to ensure we’re getting adequate water each day is to fill up a large bottle each morning and keep it by us throughout the day, sipping as we go along.

• Get Rid of Hidden Calories in Your Diet
The world is more or less fully aware of the massive amounts of sugar to be found in soft drinks such as soda and their expanding effects on our waistlines. What many still might not be aware of is the fact that this applies to other drinks out there as well.
There are plenty of drinks with what are referred to as ‘hidden calories’. These include coffee with sprinkles, cream, and flavoring. The same applies to the flavored water that became so popular a year or so ago. All these flavorings are not naturally occurring, they are the result of sugary additives that weight watchers try so hard to avoid.
By cutting off your intake of hidden sugars and calories, you will be giving yourself a fighting chance to achieve your goal of losing 50 pounds in 2 months.

• Increase Your Protein Intake
Proteins are every dieter’s best friend if losing weight is the end goal. With the popularity of the ketogenic diet, many out there know at least that the body burns up more energy processing proteins than it does with carbs and fats.
Aside from this, there is the fact that loading up on proteins will keep you feeling fuller for longer periods. This translates to less eating over time.
When you combine these two benefits with a consistent application over time, there is no doubt that it can make a significant contribution towards achieving your goal.
Some great sources of quality proteins include beef, eggs, turkey, chicken, legumes, dairy products, and many more.

• Get Organized
The battle against the bulge might be a personal one, but that doesn’t make it any less serious. If you’re looking to achieve a target as challenging as losing 50 pounds in 2 months, you will need to have a plan of action.
It isn’t enough to have the motivation. You need to set down in detail all of the daily measures you will put in place to help you achieve your goal. This plan will include meal plans, exercise schedules, sleep timing, and everything else you will have included in your plan of action. It always helps to have everything in front of you when attempting these types of challenges.
As they say, failing to plan is planning to fail, and that’s not an option you should be entertaining.

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