How often should you drink detox tea?

Detoxifying or ‘detox’ is the latest health trend, especially detoxifying by drinking teas.

Impressed by the multitude of benefits this drink offers, numerous people have jumped on the bandwagon hoping that they too can improve their health. For many detox teas such as green tea and ginger tea, these benefits are also scientifically proven and vouched by experts.

Although it is great news, this information doesn’t clarify all the doubts you may have about detox teas. One important piece of information that you must have before you make detoxing a part of your routine is how often you should drink them.

Like most food items and drinks, detox teas must be consumed in moderation. Drinking too little isn’t enough for you to experience its benefits, and drinking too much will have harmful effects on your health. But how many times a day exactly should you drink these teas? For how long?

In this article, I try to answer these questions and more.

Branded vs. natural

Firstly, let me make a distinction between ‘branded’ detox tea and ‘natural’ detox tea.

When I’m talking about ‘branded’ detox teas, I’m talking about teas that are sold by companies as having detoxifying properties. Usually, they advertise that these teas allow you to achieve specific goals. Some brands claim that their teasc accelerate weight loss, and others say that they cleanse your liver and kidneys. These teas are also a mix of ingredients- various tea leaves, herbs, and other substances.

On the other hand, ‘natural’ detox teas are usually single-ingredient- there are no other substances added to them to enhance their benefits. Some examples of natural teas include green tea, peppermint tea, ginger tea and chamomile tea.

Generally, there are no specific instructions for consuming natural detox teas. For example, many health experts recommend that you should drink a cup of green tea three to five times a day to enjoy all the health benefits it offers. This also applied to other natural teas, like chamomile tea. Four to five cups a day is also the ideal amount for weight loss.

Moreover, you should also drink these teas consistently and for an extended period of time. You must be patient as it takes time for natural detox teas to affect the body.

On the other hand, branded detox teas come with specific instructions on how you should consume them. You drink most of these teas every day for a week- this period is known as the cleansing period. There are also specific times of the day when you should drink them to get the most benefit (I’ll get to this in the next section).

Some other guidelines include making changes to your diet and exercise habits along. You should cut out junk food so that you don’t add to the toxins already present in your body. Another recommendation is that you should exercise for at least 30 minutes each day so that you speed up the process of toxin removal.

Best times of the day

Because of the way substances present in detox teas interact with the body, they should be consumed at specific times of the day to prevent harm.

Although there is research lacking in this area, most people seem to agree that you can drink detox tea after breakfast. This helps with weight loss, as you are likely to feel fuller and eat less.

It also aids in digestion, as compounds such as caffeine and laxatives present in detox teas improve digestive health. Drinking it in the morning would also give you a burst of energy because of the caffeine content. As a result, they may even be a replacement for coffee.

Before exercise
If you want to lose weight, drinking detox tea around half an hour before you exercise is a great idea. The caffeine in detox teas infuses your muscles with more blood sugar and therefore more energy. This allows you to burn more fat during exercising, shaping up your muscles.

After exercise
Alternatively, you can also drink detox teas after exercise as your body is already in the process of cleansing toxins. The tea will speed up that process.

Important things to keep in mind

Avoid taking the detox tea on an empty stomach as it might cause stomach aches. It would also make you feel less hungry throughout the day, preventing you from getting nutrients.

Also, avoid drinking detox tea in the night (around two hours before bedtime). It might disrupt your sleep as it contains caffeine. If the detox tea has an especially high amount of caffeine, avoid drinking it at least five hours before bedtime.

Moreover, ensure that you read the instructions on your detox tea box (for branded teas) carefully. Each brand in the market is different, so they may have to be consumed differently.

A final piece of advice to keep in mind is that it is always good to consult your physician. Ask them if a particular brand of tea is beneficial. If they approve, ask them how often you should have it during the day and at what times.

Concluding thoughts

Generally, natural detox teas have few side effects and are highly beneficial for the body. In order to reap these benefits to the fullest extent and ensure that your body is saved from harm, you should follow certain recommendations.

Experts seem to agree that you can drink up to 5 cups of natural detox teas (e.g. green tea) each day. Any more than this is considered too much and can have various harmful effects on your health.

There is a time for everything. For detox teas, this seems to be morning (during breakfast), and before and after exercise.

These recommendations also apply to branded teas. However, make sure that you’ve carefully read the instructions on the box. They are written based on the interactions of the substances in the detox teas with your body, so you must follow them. One detox tea that you can try out is Red Tea Detox, one of the best in the market.

Most importantly, drink detox teas in moderation. This is true for consuming anything.

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