How much weight can you lose in a week?

Weight loss is extremely important if you fall in the unfavorable scale of Body Mass Index which is more than 25. The extra pounds of fat present in our body roots to other life-threatening diseases. Weight loss is not easy, it needs a lot of efforts and stiff determination. Without discipline in diet and physical exercises, it is nearly impossible to slash out extra weight.

Before deeming to lose weight, one must keep in mind that losing a healthy amount of weight is very important otherwise it may lead to severe aftermath. Losing 2 pounds or 0.91 kg in a week is the best way of weight loss because this much weight can be easily scraped off from the body. Planning to lose more than this might lead to ill health and awfully weak body. Do not formulate fast weight loss plans because they are hard to accomplish in the first place and second, they lead to bitter consequences.

A healthy weight loss of two pounds in a week

Fast weight loss brings only short term benefits. In order to extract, long term advantages in terms of losing weight, go with a slow pace of weight loss program. There is the science behind losing weight slowly which will help you in the wider picture. When you follow a weight loss plan which is slow and steady then you will become more disciplined in terms of eating and exercising. This discipline will aid you further in maintaining adequate body weight. It will improve your lifestyle and focus on a healthy body. That is why going with a gradual weight loss strategy is the promising one and more result yielding.

How to lose two pounds in a week?

In order to lose two pounds in a week, follow a good diet diligently. Our body loses weight more effectively when we take good and low-calorie food. Moderate your eating routine, start your day by a rich breakfast filled with protein and little amount of fats. Eat more leafy and green vegetables like kale, broccoli, bitter gourd, bottle gourd etc because they get digested easily and have a minimal number of calories. Healthy food is the easiest way to move towards a healthy body.

‘Do not starve your body’. This is the golden rule to attain wonders in your weight loss plan. Some people believes that not eating will help them to lose weight. But this is actually the biggest myth related to losing weight. Eat a prosperous diet filled with all essential nutrients. Hunger will make you eat more afterwards that is why do not fall prey to the misconception of fasting and starving to reduce your weight. Minimize the number of carbohydrates and fats because they store themselves in the body in the form of energy. Take a larger amount of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Take fruits which have a rich content of water like melon, watermelon, oranges, grapes, and berries. Water-rich fruits get absorbed fast and enhance metabolism. They are rich in antioxidants and vitamins.

Physical exercise is another integral component of the weight loss program. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is an eminent saying. Same way, only dieting and no exercise will minimize the effect of your weight loss results. So, include sessions of yoga or a good period devoted to physical exercises. Bodily movements regulate the number of calories that are present in our body. It helps in significantly creating a healthy momentum between taken calories and consumed calories. These exercises help us in other aspects also like maintenance of blood pressure and heartbeat regulation. While doing exercise, keep a check that you are not straining your muscles. Perform workouts only to an extent up to which your body can resist and actively permits.

Cut your poor habits like always being a couch potato, smoking cigarettes and pipes and drinking alcohol. These bad habits degrade health as well as add unhealthy weight in our body. Alcohol and nicotine trigger our mental health in a negative direction and affects our physical and mental health bitterly.

By diligently following a healthy diet, good workout plan and proper lifestyle habits one can achieve the goal of losing two pounds every week. In such a way, you will lose 8 pounds in a month and gradually you will be there at a healthy weight.

Aim to lose more than 2 pounds is fatal-

Setting the aim of losing more than two pounds is not a smart decision. It can cause following issues in your body-

● It will disrupt the mechanism of metabolism in the body. A good metabolism aids our body’s functioning and strengthens it. If there will exist poor metabolism then our body will not respond appropriately to diseases. Metabolism is interconnected with our digestive tract and other important networks of the body. Poor metabolism will also hamper the process of losing weight. Because fewer calories will be burned by the poor metabolism leading to slow and ineffective weight loss.
● It reduces the good gut bacteria in our immune system. During heavy weight loss, we tend to eat less which means fewer nutrients reach our immune system. This massively reduces the number of positive bacteria in the immune network of the gut leading to weakening of immunity in our body. There is less nutrition intake during diet which reduces the capacity of nutrition reserves in our body.
● Muscle loss also takes place to a great extent during crash dieting. It weakens our muscles and considerably decreases our strength to do many of our activities.

These problems are grave for our body. In order to prevent them, we must plan the diet routine with perseverance and keeping our body capabilities in mind. Outline the diet plan and exercise routine for a week to accomplish the motive of losing two pounds every week. Gradually, you will be able to lose a healthy and good amount of weight and it would be beneficial for a long go.

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