How much weight can you lose in a day?

A healthy person is a happy person. A person who is obese or overweight is more prone to degenerative disease, high blood cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and many more life-taking illnesses. Unhealthy body weight not only comes with physical challenges, but it also screws people mentally as well.

People who have heavy body weight face rude remarks from people. Losing weight thus becomes very important for them. If you possess unhealthy body weight then make efforts to shred it off from your body. Do it for yourself and not for the purpose of fitting with the stereotypic norms set to by hypocrites out there.

Generally, people who wish to lose weight ponders upon a very basic question- how much weight they can lose in a day? Well, if all the healthy parameters are to be taken into stiff consideration then you can lose about ⅕ of a pound in a day. It is a good amount to be peeled out from the body.

Human body stores weight extracted from the calories consumed. By controlling the number of calories you take inside your body, you can effectively lose weight. In order to lose ⅕ pounds, restrict the amount of calories intake to below 1000. If there will be a perfect synchronization of calories eaten up and calories shredded off then attaining weight loss is no difficult thing.

Losing more than ⅕ pounds in a day is not good because it will make you weak. You will easily give up on weight loss because you will feel fragile and disappointed. That is why going for a reasonable and achievable weight loss plan is the best idea. Following is a perfect strategy to lose ⅕ pounds in a day.

Strategy to lose 1/5 pounds in a day-

● Lime juice and a walk-

Kick start your day with a dose of lemon. Lemon has a lot of antioxidants and bulk of vitamin C and both of these substances aid miraculously in losing weight. Make lemon juice mixed with lime and honey a part of your routine as your morning ritual. It will help you to remove toxins out of your body through urine.

● Eat more fibre and probiotics-

Take a fibre-rich breakfast including whole wheat grain substances like brown bread. Adding more fibre in your diet will aid digestion and will considerably contribute towards your weight loss. Include a good amount of probiotics in your diet like yoghurt, kimchi, kefir etc. They are soothing for the stomach, have a minimum amount of calories and digests rapidly. Probiotics also bolster the growth of good gut bacteria.

● Method of water intake-

Water is the most precious addition that will help you in effortlessly losing weight. Water cuts out the excess layers of weight by urination. Drink more than eight glasses of water. Take water 1 hour prior before consuming your meal. Avoid drinking water just after food intake. It considerably decreases the hydrochloric acid in our stomach leading to unfavourable or slow digestion.

● Cut sugar and minimise sodium intake-

Cut out white sugar completely from your diet. It is a big barrier in the way to losing weight as it has lots of unwanted calories. You can switch to other sugar substitutes like jaggery, brown sugar or natural sugar like stevia. Do not cut out sodium entirely from the diet but reduce its excessive consumption.

● Reduce carbohydrates and fats-

Minimise the intake of carbohydrates and fats. They accumulate in our bodies as glycogen and energy reserves. Limit their intake, do not remove them completely from your diet as they provide us with energy. Just decrease them and instead of more carbs and fats, involve more protein-rich food items in the diet.

Practices to avoid while shedding 1/ 5 pounds a day.

Losing 1/5 of a pound is undoubtedly a big deal to achieve. It is possible if you stick to a good diet and physical exercises. But there are certain things which one should avoid doing from scratch in order to fulfil the aim.

● Do not switch to fasting in order to rapidly reduce ⅕ pounds. If you will fast then after finishing it, you will suffer from severe pangs of hunger. This way you will eat a whole bunch of calories because of irresistibility that will occur after fasting.

● Don’t fall for advertisements of medicines, powder and pills which claim that they will help you in losing weight. Do not take any drug or artificial therapy without proper prescription and advice from your doctor. They can lead to severe side effects.

● Do not overstrain your muscles. Hustle while exercising is not good, it might prove pernicious for your muscle health. Some people think that by doing tough exercises in a single day, they can cut their excessive fat. This is a sheer misconception because exceeding the limits of exercising results in cramps, extreme pain and muscle weakening. So, opt for a healthy exercising routine which will provide benefit to your weight loss.

● Do not go with sweetened and packed juices. Generally, people take fruit juices in order to lose weight and avoid solid food items. The mistake they commit is that they consume packed fruit juices. Do not commit this negligence because packed fruit juices do not have pure fruit pulp or extract. They are loaded with sweetening agents, artificial color, preservatives and adulterated. When you are on a diet, try to avoid them. Consume fresh fruits, they are more beneficial for diet purposes and regulating metabolism.

Concluding Thoughts

For losing ⅕ of a pound in a day, follow the strategy with utmost sincerity and dedication. Avoid the mistakes, consume the right food and do the required amount of physical exercise. Most important of all, do not fall prey to any technique or medicine that is advertised with claims of making you thin in a day. They are cheap marketing agendas, they will lead to disastrous effects for your body. Focus on your health and body type and then choose a diet strategy.

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