How Many Calories are in Green Juice

Calories are a unit of energy in which you can measure the amount of energy that certain foods provide you. Calories are accumulated in the body to consume when you are required to do a lot of physical work like sports or exercise. The number of calories should your number one concern when it comes to weight loss. The more calories a food has, the more it is going to contribute to your weight.
Eating foods high on calories can make you obese and you become more vulnerable to several health conditions that are a complete nightmare. When you start a health care routine under a professional fitness specialist they tell you to make sure you do not exceed their recommended amount of calories in a day.
When this happens you need to be conscious about each and everything that you eat. You need to check the labels for packed food and check online for estimated calories in homemade things.
Green juices are the juices that are extracted from green vegetables and have immense benefits. Almost all professional fitness specialists seem to be in love with it. It is great for weight loss and even as a sports drink. It is one of the best beverages when it comes to healthy drinks. Even after so many health benefits, you might still be conscious about the calories that are in green juice and may want to find out that exactly how many calories are in Green Juice. Don’t worry we will provide you all the information about the calorie content in different green juices.
Calories in Bottled Green Juice
Various brands in the market are selling Green Juice in their styles. When you consider the calories they provide per cup, the amount may vary from brand to brand. Typically, calorie content per one cup of bottled green juices ranges from 120 to 140 calories. It is not very high because Green Juice increases your metabolism, making weight loss a lot easier. Moreover, Green Juices make you feel fuller and you can also skip a meal to drink Green Juice as an alternative to it.
Calories in Homemade Green Juice
Interestingly, it is hard to know exactly how many calories a Green Juice has if you are making a homemade Green Juice. This is because there are millions of variants of Green Juice across the globe. The reason for this diversity is that there is no well-defined recipe or ingredients to make green juice and people of different regions use the different combinations of green vegetables and add different fruits for increasing the taste. Moreover, the ratio of fruits over vegetables and the overall quantity of both things used are also variable. That is exactly why you will find great variation in calorie count when you search for it online. One amazing plus point of homemade green juices is that you can control the calorie content. If you use one part low on sugar fruits and three-part green vegetables, you can make a green juice with less than 120 calories easily. You can even maintain a per one cup calorie content of 60 to 70 calories.
Calories in Organifi Green Juices
Organifi Green Juices are best when it comes to weight loss routine. They are not only affordable and convenient to purchase, store, and make but also are considerably low on the calories if you see their package for their nutritional facts. Among all the variants of green juices, Organifi Green Juices have the lowest amount of calories per scoop serving. As we read through the packages of all the major Organifi Green Juice brands available in the market to check the number of calories, we were surprised to know that they just contain 25 to 30 calories per scoop. Isn’t it a jaw-dropping low-calorie count for a beverage that not just boosts your metabolism and makes your stomach feel full but also provides you with energy?
There are some important things that you need to keep in your mind while you consume Green Juice especially if you have weight concerns. We have enlisted all those important things so that you can gain maximum benefits from your Green Juice for you below:
1. Organifi Green Juices are the best if you are looking for the lowest calorie count.
2. The calorie counts of homemade or bottled Green Juices are not too high considering their health care benefits.
3. Make sure that you never add sugar to your Green Juice even if you like to drink it that way because that significantly increases the number of calories and can make all your weight loss efforts go in vain.
4. If you are drinking Green Juice just to keep yourself healthy and to fulfill the vitamins and mineral requirement of your body then you can use 35 percent fruits and 65 percent green vegetables in your Green Juice.
5. If you are on a fast and efficient weight-loss mission, try to drink Green Juice with no fruits added because they are higher in calories as compared to green vegetables.
6. Don’t add high on sugar fruits like mangoes, grapefruits or blueberries to your Green Juice even if you find them to make them taste better, remember that you are not drinking Green Juice for the taste but its benefits.
7. You can drink one glass to one liter of Green Juice in one day. Drinking more or less than that will not provide you with visible health or weight loss benefits.
8. Green juice should always be taken on an empty stomach to make its proper absorption in the bloodstream possible.
9. Mornings are the best time of the day to sip your refreshing Green Juice.
10. If you are not taking salads for meals, don’t take your Green Juice with meals.
Green Juices have low-calorie count with maximum health benefits so they are an amazing addition to your daily routine. You can take bottled green juices and check their calorie content on their packaging. Organifi Green Juice is exceptionally low on calories. Homemade Green Juice can help you control the calories according to your requirements.

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