How Long Does it Take to See Results on Keto?

The weight loss journey isn’t an easy one for any of us, and the sheer number of methods, diets, workouts, and pills out there complicate an already difficult issue. It can get to be a real challenge trying to figure out what weight loss method will deliver the results you’re looking for and work best for you. Those who are looking into the keto diet as an option usually have this as their first question: How long does it take to see results on keto?
Well, the answer is not as simple as we may imagine. There are plenty of variables and factors that affect our weight loss outcomes. We all have our own unique genetic composition, and we will not react uniformly to similar inputs or methods. Before we delve into a detailed analysis of the weight loss possibilities of the keto diet, let’s take a brief look at the factors that have the greatest effect on our weight loss progress.

• Your Overall Health Status
Your condition at the start of your diet will have an impact on the rate at which your body will be able to shed weight. Conditions and ailments such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and many more fall onto this list. You will also factor in fitness levels, hormonal and metabolic health, and general levels of lifestyle activity. Generally speaking, those in sound health at the beginning of their diet tend to lose weight quicker and easier than those with underlying health issues.

• Body Mass Index
A person’s body mass index (BMI) is used to refer to the ratio of their weight to their height. Those whose BMI falls on the higher side will have higher amounts of body fat. Taller people have more thinly distributed fatty deposits on their bodies. For those with high BMIs, the fact is that they will need to shed more weight before they can see significant results in the mirror. At the outset, high BMI individuals usually see quicker weight loss, but this rate quickly diminishes as the fat levels recede.

• Daily Schedule
Exercise and dieting regimens are vitally important to the success of any weight loss endeavor. However, even before setting up a structured regimen, one’s lifestyle should be taken a look at. A lot of people have very inactive lifestyles; working in offices; driving to and from work; not participating in any sports or outdoor activities in general, and so on. By simply getting more activity into our daily routine, we may actually kick-start our weight loss journey and set ourselves up for steady, long-term success. Our day to day routines play a significant role in the amount of calories and fat we burn each day.

• Individual Adaptability
The keto diet involves a great change in the conditions our bodies operate in. The human body requires time to adjust to such drastic dietary overhauls. Our metabolism is what will determine how much time our body takes to adapt and adjust to the different settings. Those who have never tried the ketogenic diet might take longer to adapt than those whose bodies have been in ketosis before.

So How Long Does It Take To See Results On Keto?
We’ve looked at the various factors at play when it comes to losing weight on the keto diet, so let’s now take a look at the kind of progress dieters can expect on average.

• First Week Results
In the first week of your diet, you can expect to see rapid weight loss. Many people lose up to 10 pounds in this period. Even though this might seem very impressive, you have to remember that it will mostly be composed of water weight. When our bodies shift to a carbohydrate-heavy diet, it results in the elimination of excess water in our cells.
In times where we consume more calories than we expend in a day, our bodies will store the excess energy in the form of glycogen. Each glycogen gram contains between 2 to 4 grams of water as well. When we limit the body’s carb intake, we push it to burn glycogen for its energy requirements, and as this occurs, the water stored alongside it is released and eliminated as well. This process is a sign that your body is going into the state of ketosis that is the goal of this diet.

• Medium-Term Results
After the first week’s rapid results, things will slow down a bit. You might only shed a pound or two a week. Do not be discouraged, however, because this is good news. It means that you’re on the right track, as your body is now burning up fat instead of carbs for its energy requirements. In essence, it means that every pound you drop is coming from the fat you had stored in your body, which is the whole point of your weight loss efforts.

• Long-Term Results
As you approach you desired weight, the rate at which you shed excess fat will slow down considerably. This is because your body will not be needing as much energy to sustain your body as you did before, and so you will not be burning up as many calories as you previously did.
In many cases, dieters may go for weeks without noting any significant weight loss, only to be surprised to note that they have lost 3 or 4 pounds some weeks later. It is useful to keep a recordof your weight loss progress so that you do not lose sight of the changes you are making, no matter how rapid or slow they might be coming along.

In Conclusion
In general, keto dieters may expect to lose about 15 pounds within about 4 weeks of starting out on the diet. 11 pounds more will likely be shed in the following 2 months, with slow but steady weight loss stretching on from this point. As we like to say, losing weight is a journey, and some people might get ahead faster than others. What we need to remember is that with commitment and perseverance, we’re all going to make it.

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