How long does it take to lose weight?

A human body is capable of losing nearly two pounds every week. Taking this as a measure of losing weight, one can release eight pounds easily every month. Loss of eight to ten pounds brings significant changes in our body and this much weight loss can make our weight fall in a healthy range gradually.

Factors on which weight loss depends-

There is a no specific answer to how long it takes to lose weight. It depends on your weight and how much you want to curb off from your body. There are various factors which regulate your weight loss-

● Body type-

Losing weight highly depends on your body type. There are basically two types of body- apple-shaped body and pear-shaped body. If you have an apple-shaped body then most of the fat accumulates on your upper body and you have thick arms, shoulders, and belly. A pear-shaped body generally has most of the fat deposition around hips, thighs, and legs only. Among these two body types, apple body one tends to forfeit weight fast as compared to the pear-shaped bodies. This is because fewer efforts are required to lose upper body fat as compared to the lower body fat.

● Body weight-

Your body weight plays the role of protagonist in your weight loss program. If you have high body weight, say, more than 220 pounds or 100 kg then you will require more time to lose weight. If you have a body weight less than this range then you will need less time to burn your fat. That is why your body weight decides the time taken to lose fat.

● Metabolism-

Metabolism is another significant element which aids people in losing weight. If your body mechanism acquires slow metabolic rates then you will burn fewer calories. The body having high rates of metabolism burns a good number of calories in a day. If your natural metabolism is slow then opt for some natural and healthy ways to boost it. Because only good metabolism will aid in a satisfactory weight loss.

10 weeks are required for weight loss-

If all the parameters are taken into regards then ideally, a heavy body takes ten weeks to lose weight. This time period will aid your body in losing nearly 20 pounds. Losing twenty pounds will bring a drastic change in your weight, regardless of your body type. If you are obese then you will have to extend the weight loss program to more than this duration. But, in general terms, this time period will greet you with a positive weight loss.

Ten weeks might prove a boon in the direction of losing weight only if you are serious enough. Plan your diet properly and execute sessions of exercises accordingly-

Follow the three golden rules to
to achieve the landmark of losing 20 pounds in just ten weeks-

● Low carbohydrate and low-fat diets-

Low carbohydrate and low-fat diet is the easiest and most hassle-free manner to lose a good amount of weight. Carbohydrates and fats do not digest easily as they are the main components of our body’s energy resources. Reduce the amount of food which has high carbohydrate and fat-rich food items like potato, white rice, butter etc. Switch to foodstuff which is prosperous in fiber and protein. They will support your weight loss strategy. This will considerably generate productive results for you in aspects of losing weight.

● Aerobics and exercises-

Follow exercise routine with sheer observance and punctuality. Switch to aerobic exercising and cycling in your exercise pattern. They are easy to perform and imparts a great lot of advantages. Aerobic activities shatter the risk of other diseases also along with maintaining a healthy weight. They prevent the risk of hypertension, osteoporosis, strokes and deadly cancer. So devote some considerate hours to aerobic activities only. It will help you in bolstering weight loss rapidly along with catering numerous other health benefits.

● Healthy lifestyle practices-

Active lifestyle habits are also very important to lose weight. If your work routine requires long hours of sitting then try to moderate this routine. Take breaks in between, move and stretch your body. This will prevent the laziness from penetrating into your body. Say a big no to alcohol and cigarettes. They are lethal for mental and physical health. Fix your sleeping schedule because sound sleep aids in losing weight fast. Stop taking junk food, they are the pivotal reason for obesity and many other health complications.

Procrastination is enemy of weight loss program-

One can lose 25 pounds or 11 kg in a period of just ten weeks. This aim can be achieved by timely exercises and proper diet. Procrastination is the opponent when it comes to weight loss. Losing weight requires consecutive days of efforts, hard work and sticking to a routine. Procrastinating the exercise schedules and cheating in the diet is the biggest adversary in the path of your goal. If you will keep on holding off your exercising and dieting then achieving a healthy weight is impossible. Nothing comes easy and this implies strongly on losing weight. Weight loss motives can come to reality only when the proper strategy is followed.

Do not think that you did enough dieting and exercising and you can go on leave for some time. This is the worst mistake which is committed by people. This shatters their strategy brutally and they won’t be able to achieve their goal. People who have plans to lose weight often complain that they are not able to lose weight instead of making so many endeavours. The answer to their dilemma is that they procrastinate more than they do genuine actions.

Set realistic objectives and perform good efforts to achieve them. Do not cheat on your diet thinking other days you did a good amount of dieting. The path may appear tough but with the regularity and appropriate measures, it will become easy.
Keep exercising regularly and in no time, you will achieve your aim.

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