How Does Detox Tea Work?

There has been an avalanche of new detox cleanses, teas, and diets being pushed by celebrities and advertised all over recently, which has led many to begin asking questions about these products. Detox teas, especially, have been the object of much speculation, because of the varying information you will find on different outlets. It’s hard to know who to believe out there in this era of misinformation.
One of the most frequent questions with regard to detox teas is a very fundamental one: What does detox tea do? The fact that it’s such a common query suggests that there really isn’t much trusted information available out there regarding it, and that’s what we’re going to try and correct right here. Read on for as comprehensive an overview of detox tea as you will find anywhere. At the very least, you’ll come away with a satisfactory answer ready for the next time you hear somebody asking what in the world detox tea does.
Let’s get right to it!
Detox Teas: What Are They, Anyway?
Detoxifying teas arebasically teas that are blended with various herbs and natural ingredients taken by people in order to support their body’s natural detoxification processes. In particular, they help the liver in its core functions, even though they have broader applications across the body and in multiple other ways. These teas have garnered a reputation for being effective as remedies for a whole host of conditions ranging all the way from insomnia to bloating, and to helping with weight loss among other things.
The important question for us here is a simple one: are these claims true? And to what extent are they true? The truth is a simple one. There are herbs out there that go a long way in supporting the elimination of harmful toxins and the efficient working of excretory systems, but detox teas cannot be considered total solutions in themselves. They won’t help you much if your lifestyle, habits, and diet continue to cause your body harm. We do acknowledge the fact that they are excellent tools to help backup our efforts to achieve a healthier standard of life.
With that out of the way, we can move on to seeing in better detail exactly how detox teas work.
• Eliminating Harmful Pathogens
The digestive systems of human beings harbor many types and strains of bacteria. These are, for the most part, useful and necessary for the purposes of breaking down the food we eat into a form that can be absorbed by our bodies. Sometimes it may happen that unwanted strains of bacteria, viruses, and yeast manage to gain a foothold in our alimentary canal. There are particular hers that can be introduced into our system to eliminate these unwanted guests owing to their antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, and antiviral properties.
One of these herbs is licorice. Licorice comes with numerous health benefits for us. It helps in the soothing of inflammation, prevention of damage to the liver, protection of the mucosal lining, as well as providing us with antiviral and antibacterial protections.
Yet another useful herb here is known as Goldenseal. This is an herbthat has been utilized in Chinese traditional medicines for thousands of years before now, and has proven its effectiveness in destroying harmful viruses and bacteria. It has a history of being used to treat urinary tract infections and digestive distress. The unfortunate fact about Goldenseal is that its usefulness has led to its overconsumption, which has in turn led to its classification as an endangered plant species. The closest alternative to it is Oregon Grape, which fulfils the same roles that Goldenseal is famous for.

• Support of Liver Detoxification Processes
This is considered by many to be the main purpose of any detoxification endeavor. You will find various blends of ingredients in detox teas with this as their focus such as dandelion root and milk thistle.
Dandelion root, for one, is an effective diuretic, meaning it helps the kidneys flush out toxins at a higher capacity than they normally would. It does this at the same time as it stimulates liver activity and the person’s digestive system processes. In addition to all this, dandelion root is an extremely nutritious plant, packed with minerals and vitamins such as potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamin B as well as plenty of antioxidants. The fact that is has a rather smoky aroma and taste – quite in the same line as coffee – makes it a favorite replacement for those looking to cut coffee out of their diets.
Milk thistle is considered one of the very best detoxification agents out there, and has shown the ability to help the liver recover from damage to its tissues. It is this regenerative quality in particular that has seen it find widespread use among patients who suffer from fatty liver disease and early cirrhosis (damage caused by alcoholism). It is prescribed as a supportive nutrient to help their livers recover.
• Reduction of Oxidative Stress
Green tea is popular in the detox tea stable for a number of reasons. First is the fact that it provides a source of caffeine, though it is in much lower levels than you would find in regular tea or coffee. This is ideal for those seeking to reduce their caffeine intake.
It also comes packed with flavonoids, which are a highly effective class of antioxidants. Antioxidants pay a vital role in our bodies, mitigating the levels of oxidative damage our cells endure as well as fighting the excessive accumulation of free radicals in our bodies.
• Promote the Elimination of Waste Substances
The Aloe Vera leaf, for example, is one of the many possible detox tea ingredients that acts as a mild laxative when taken. Anthraquinone is the active laxative ingredient that the plant contains. Laxatives are substances that stimulate bowel movements. As you may imagine, this property comes in very useful in cases of where people complain of gas, nausea, bloating, and constipation. It also has a role to play in the stimulation of salivation and the secretion of enzymes that are useful in our digestive processes.
Concluding Thoughts
Detox teas are trending, but for all the right reasons.
Do thorough research before opting for any specific brand. You will notice the change in your body once you start drinking detox tea!

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