Green Juice for Weight Loss

Excessive weight has become a major health concern these days because everyone wants to look slim and smart. When you are in good shape and have an appropriate figure, it ultimately makes you feel confident and beautiful. You don’t have to worry about what to wear and what to not because everything will suit you well.
For some people it may not be about aesthetics but about heath. Obesity is linked with a number of health conditions like diabetes, cardiac disorders and hypertension that can make your life miserable. People with pre-diabetes, PCOS and infertility are also recommended by their health care practitioners to lose weight. Even if you don’t have any or the above mentioned medical conditions, excessive weight on your body make you lazy and you may feel hard to carry yourself along and coping with everyday work requirements.
Fat Shaming Everywhere
Being fat makes life miserable; your friends and relatives joke about you all the time and your life partner may also have issues with that. Body shaming is considered mean, but people do it anyway because they feel they should have an opinion about everything.
This can be psychologically a burden even if you don’t seem to care on the spot but later you will definitely think about what they said and it will lead to depression and low mood. Moreover sometimes you don’t even need friends to make you feel that way, scrolling the internet or watching television does that part by portraying skinny people as beautiful and in the lead roles while relatively fat ones in the side roles and as ugly.
You may be of the view that your weight does not define who you are but guess what for the most part it does and even if in your perspective it does not, having a healthy life require you to lose some inches and that comes with good looks as an additional benefit. Now when we have established the importance of weight loss, you might be wondering about the easy things that can help you in achieving this goal. Don’t worry we have got you covered. We recommend you green juice for weight loss. Green juice is a miracle drink that can do wonders for your body and brain. It is not only good for weight loss but also has essential nutrients in a high quantity. Now we are going to explain that why Green Juice is your ultimate weight loss solution.
High Metabolism
Have you ever noticed that there are some of your friends or family members who binge eat fast food but are still as thin as a straw whereas you eat healthy and consume less quantity of food but still having weight issues? This may definitely leave you in despair and you might wonder what you are doing wrong. Well, it is not you it is your slow metabolism whereas your skinny friends might have a relatively high metabolism rate. In people with high metabolism rate food is aggressively metabolized and calories are consumed by the body through turning them into heat and energy. That is why their body seems warmer when you compare it to yours. You don’t need to worry you are not less fortunate then your friends because nature as a solution for you and that is of course Green Juice. Green juice aids your body in faster burning of all those unwanted fats and calories by increasing your metabolism rate. It is especially beneficial if used along with exercise. High metabolism plus exercise is equal to effective weight loss in little time. That is exactly why tea and other caffeinated drinks (without milk, sugar and cream) are recommended during weight loss routine, they also make your metabolic rate faster. Unfortunately just like energy levels, tea and coffee cannot retain their metabolism catalyzing effect for a longer time and their benefit fades away within few hours causing not just disappointment but also increasing urge to drink more. Green juice on the contrary provides you with accelerated metabolism throughout your day.
No Starving
Starving yourself is the most horrible way to treat your body even if you have logical reason behind that i.e. intention to lose weight, which is healthy right? No! Starving is going to provide you with fast weight loss but unfortunately this will be very temporary and when you start eating even a little amount of food you are likely to gain weight on twice the rate as compared to before starving. The reason behind this that starving slows down your metabolism making your body unable to get rid of excessive fat by turning it into energy. Moreover, starving makes you feel very bad especially when you see all the people around you eating. It is also miserable to feel hungry all the time. All these reasons make this weight loss method a complete failure. Green juices can help you out if you want to switch to healthy dieting. You can start eating smaller portions of foods with less sugar, fats and carbohydrates. This diet when replaced with your regular unhealthy diet will reduce the calories you consume and when you supplement it with green juice it makes you feel fuller and the entire weight loss process feels easier. This is a routine that you can easily stick to without feeling hungry all the time.
No Weakness
When people start eating smaller portions of foods with less sugar, fats and carbohydrates they forget that their diet gets deprived of essential vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. To compensate for the loss Green juice is the best option that provides you with all the essential nutrients without addition of a lot of calories. It also provide you with energy so that you do not feel fatigue and powerless throughout your day. With the addition of green juice you can make your heath care routine reach the next level of benefits.
Green juice can help in a number of ways to make your weight loss easier and faster. It increases your metabolism so you lose weight faster. You don’t even need starve yourself or feel weak because it makes you feel fuller and active throughout the day by boosting your energy levels.

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