Does Detox Tea Help You Lose Weight?

There are plenty of reasons why people choose to take detox teas. For many of them, it is in order to help them in their efforts to lose weight. As we’re all very much aware, losing weight is no walk in the park. For a variety of reasons, many of us find the journey to shedding excess weight a long and frustrating one, and the sad truth is that many do not make it on this journey.
There are those who have struggled with their weight all their lives, those who gained weight during pregnancy that they just cannot seem to shake off, and plenty of others in between who are similarly looking to cut down their weight.
With all the diets and workouts out there, it would be easy to think that getting rid of fat would be straightforward enough for any one of us to accomplish. We know that we simply have to burn more calories than we consume and voila! We are losing weight.
There is a lot more that goes into achieving this, however, and that’s why we need all the help we can get. All the celebrity fads and endorsements constantly being shoved in our faces have resulted in plenty of speculation regarding these cleanses and what they are really capable of doing for us, but we shouldn’t be misled.
There are no miraculous shortcuts on the weight loss path. That does not mean, however, that there is nothing out there that can greatly speed up the journey for us. That’s where detox teas come in.
The question is – Does detox tea help you lose weight?
Let’s take a look at just how detox teas can play a helpful role in our battle against the bulge.

How Detox Teas Help in Weight Loss
A major stumbling block in many of our weight loss journeys is a slow metabolic rate. Your metabolic rate refers to how quickly your body burns up calories, even while you are at rest. Once you get past the age of 30, especially, your body systems, including your metabolism, begins to slow down.
One of the most common ingredients in detox teas is caffeine, which is effective in raising people’s metabolic rates. As your metabolism speeds up, so does the rate at which your body burns up calories. In addition to this, caffeine will also give adrenaline levels a boost, and we have come to learn that adrenaline helps speed up the fat breakdown process.

Effective Ways to Incorporate Detox teas in Your Wight Loss Program
• Apply it in Conjunction with Intermittent Fasting
Intermittent fasting is a weight loss method whereby a person eats as they normally would on some days, then drastically cuts down their calorie intake on others. A common example would be eating regularly for 5 days of the week and cutting back your intake to below 500 calories for 2 days. This is the 5:2 diet. A variation of this is whereby one eats all that they would eat for the day within an eight hour time span and then fast for the remaining 16 hours. Of course, about eight of those sixteen hours will be spent sleeping.
Detox teas can be used in a complimentary fashion with these types of fasting measures in order to provide low-calorie yet nutrient-rich additions to your meal plans.

• Make it a Drink and Snack Replacement
Each morning, taking a cup of detox tea rather than your usual coffee, coupled with a relatively light breakfast can significantly reduce the number of calories you take overall. Detox teas can provide you with natural digestive helpers, in addition to increasing the amount of time you will feel full. This means that it will take longer for you to feel hungry again, and you will be better able to resist the temptation to snack a bit later.
We can all appreciate the importance of getting adequate nutrition and calories to keep our bodies running each day, but those of us who have made a habit of snacking and overeating may have a really hard time controlling their eating habits and cutting back on their consumption. Detox teas can help here.
By simply taking a cup of tea you can effectively curb the cravings and false hunger pangs that our bad eating habits have made our bodies susceptible to. Evenings and late afternoons are notoriously tempting snacking times, which makes them the ideal time to prepare a cup of tea for yourself. By making it a habit to take a cup of tea every time you crave a snack, you will effectively counteract the harmful effects of poor eating while simultaneously improving your digestive system’s health.

• Reduce Water Weight to Kick-start your Weight Loss
Detox teas are well known for their efficacy in cutting down the amount of eater that our bodies tend to retain. Poor eating habits are the primary cause of water retention and increases in water weight. When we eat foods that are high in salt content or other additives, coupled with a tendency to fail to consume adequate amounts of water, our bodies react by ‘hoarding’ water – hence the increase in water weight.
A great way to kick your weight loss journey into high gear right from the word go is to incorporate detox teas into your diet. Combine this with an increase of your daily water intake (at least 2 liters each day) to prevent dehydration. To top it all off, re-orient your diet to incorporate more portions of liquid-heavy food sources such as vegetables, fruits, smoothies, and such.
As you increase the amount of water you consume, you will trigger your body into producing increased quantities of sweat and urine. Our bodies make use of the sweating and urinating mechanisms to flush out waste material and unnecessary fluids from our system. This is why detox teas are referred to as diuretics (stimulate urination and sweating).
The Takeaway
The upshot of all this is a potentially significant drop in your weight from shedding the water weight you have been carrying around with you.
What better way to start off your weight loss journey than with a confidence-boosting loss of a couple of stubborn pounds?

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