Diet to Lose Thigh Fat

First, the bad news: You won’t find a diet to lose thigh fat anywhere. There really isn’t anything you can do as far as spot-reducing fat in your thighs – or any other region for that matter, is concerned. Our bodies just don’t work like that. When we shed fat, we do so uniformly, across our entire bodies.
Now the good news: Losing weight and cutting down the fat in our bodies is not as complicated as it used to be. Today, we have all the knowledge we need at our disposal to lose weight – and keep it off. The ketogenic diet is a great starting point in your weight loss journey. This diet involves completely cutting out carbohydrates from your diet, causing your body to enter what’s known as a ketogenic state. This is a state whereby the body burns up the fat stored in it to get the energy it needs for sustenance.
See, carbohydrates are a very readily available source of energy, so the body will always choose to metabolize it when it has the option of doing so. The keto diet takes away that option. What we’re going to look into here is the many ways you can support the effectiveness of your ketogenic diet in order to get the best weight loss results in the quickest time possible. Eventually, as you lose fat across your entire body, you will begin to see your toned, trim legs emerging.
Let’s get right into it.

1. Get Enough Electrolytes
Most of us only ever hear about electrolytes when the conversation turns to sports drinks and athletes, but they are very relevant in our average lives, even for the office worker whose only exercise for the day might be leaning over his cubicle to get a stapler off Maggie’s desk.
Electrolytes are a general term for elements such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium, which are vital for healthy bodily function. The good news is that electrolytes are not that hard to find in a healthy diet. What electrolytes do is give salt competition.
What this means is that the more electrolytes you have in your system, the less salt your body will require. Your osmotic or fluid balance will be rightly balanced, eliminating the chances of water retention and subsequent bloating. Get your electrolyte fix from yogurt, bananas, and dark leafy greens.

2. Get Your Coffee
Surprised? Don’t be. Coffee can be a useful tool in the weight-watchers arsenal. What coffee does is act as a diuretic, meaning that it stimulates the elimination of excess water from the body. It is also a metabolic stimulant, meaning that it gives your body’s fat-burning mechanisms a boost. There is, however, the risk of overdoing it. Too much coffee may lead you to experience crashes, which are characterized by a tendency to overeat (especially in the nighttime) as well a general less-than-great feeling. The recommendation is to keep your coffee intake to a maximum of two cups each day.
If you are doing the ketogenic diet, include butter coffee in your diet.
All you need is unsalted butter, coconut oil/MCT and coffee. No milk goes in there, but the recipe is tasty enough and it will help you lose fat.

3. Cut Back On The Salt
Salt is one of those hidden pitfalls that weight-watchers need to be more aware of. What it does is make our bodies hold on to and retain water in excess, which translates to higher body weight. The bloat described here will affect your entire body, your thighs and hips included. Water follows salt, as you’ll have noticed if you ever leave your salt uncovered in a humid area. In our bodies, we see more water being held by the body to help ‘dilute’ the salt content in our system. When we minimize the amount of salt we take in our food, our kidneys will filter out the water that’s no longer required leading to a very quick reduction in our bloating and weight. The first noticeable sign is an almost immediate change in how your clothes fit you and your general mood.
According to the American Heart Association, the average person only requires about 1,500 milligrams of salt in a day. Most of us are going way beyond that, with the biggest sources of this excess salt being processed and fried foods.
4. Strengthen and Train Your Thighs
While we can’t actually specifically remove the fat from our thighs, we can work to make their muscles stronger and more toned. Moreover, it’s instructive to note that the muscles of our thighs are some of the biggest n our bodies. Our muscles are where the fat-burning process of metabolism takes place, and so by increasing the amount of these muscles, we directly increase our metabolic rates.
You can work your entire thighs out with such exercises as curtsy lunges, sumo squats, and goblet squats. To target the outer and inner thigh regions, try out band leg raises and lateral lunges. For your hamstrings, go for deadlifts, reverse leg curls, as well as bridges with hamstring curls. Try fit in at least two thigh-focused workout sessions each week.
5. Fill Up On Fiber and Protein
Being familiar with the ketogenic diet, you definitely know that it focuses heavily on cutting out carbs in favor of protein in your diet. Protein and fiber, to be precise. Another of the reasons why the diet favors these two food groups is the fact that they will get you full quicker and keep you full for longer than carbs and sugars.
For weight loss purposes, it’s not hard to see how these qualities come in handy. Particularly, protein is great for building up the lean muscle mass that will get your legs looking incredible. Get your protein from foods such as whole grains, legumes, dairy, eggs, and lean cuts of meat.
In a nutshell, plan a ketogenic diet and include eggs, lean meats and dairy. Did we tell you that you can include cheese in the KETO Diet?
One More for the Road
Any activities that speed up your heart rate are highly effective when it comes to burning up body fat and calories. Aerobic exercises, more commonly referred to as cardio, are sure ways to get your thighs looking great. Get your cardio fix by engaging in slightly intensive activities for at least 30 minutes each day. Definitely go for longer or more intense sessions if you’re able to – the idea is to get your body working and burning up fuel, so the more the better.

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