Can You Gain Weight on Keto?

Having a perfect body is becoming more and more important day by day. That is exactly why many people like you are wondering about the reasons for their weight so that they can tackle them. Keto diet is most probably one of your major efforts towards a slimmer body that fits amazingly well and compliments all your outfits. Keto diet has been proven to be more beneficial than other diet charts even if they are designed by professionals.
You must be wondering that Keto is amazing but is there a risk of weight gain? Can you gain weight on Keto? Well, you can gain weight on any diet on earth if you do it the wrong way. If you are doing all the things right, most probably you will lose weight instead of gaining it on Keto.
Keto Diet
Keto diets are significantly low on carbs or carbohydrates they have an increased percentage of fats, proteins, and fiber. As carbs are major contributors towards calories cutting them down can help you with losing those extra inches.
This diet is specially designed to help you lose weight as it allows your body to shift from glucose source consumption as an energy source towards accumulated fats in your body and that is how it helps you burn more fats faster than other types of diet plans.
Keto Diet and Weight loss
Keto diet explanation helps you know how Keto aids in weight loss but this is not the major cause of weight loss; it is just an accelerator to the process. You lose weight because the Keto diet is also low on calories therefore you burn fat. Ketosis itself not a guarantee to weight loss, the low-calorie content does.
Weight Formula
The simple way in which you can summarize all your weight loss effort and outcomes is your calorie intake in comparison to your burnt calories.
If your intake is more than the calories you burn down every day, you are likely to gain weight no matter what diet you are using or even if you are on Keto. You need to stay calculated and keep a keen eye on your calorie intake. You need to know how many calories your Keto diet contains and how much physical work is required to burn them down.
Count Carbs
Most importantly you need to make sure you are doing Keto the right way, by that we mean that you need to make sure your Keto diet has a minimum amount of carbs around 20 grams is best however below fifty grams is considered to be the benchmark. If your carbs are above 50 grams, you might not even reach the state of ketosis and with such a diet your weight is going nowhere. If you are having problems with the calculation of your carbs and you mostly forget your entire analysis, we recommend that you look for some fitness applications online to help you keep track of your intake. Many good applications for this purpose are available to download for free.
Less Fiber
It is important to add green vegetables to your Keto diet because they not only add up more health benefits to your diet but also make sure that your meal is high on fiber. This fiber enables your food to pass through the gut slower and enables your system to absorb the nutrients well.
Moderate fiber consumption is good for your gut health because it gives your system something to push on. The best part of having a fiber-rich diet is that it makes your hunger go away for a longer time and you will feel fuller. It makes your tummy happy without drenching it with calories.
Portion Size
Excess of everything is bad and when it comes to food it is worst. Even if you are on a healthy diet large portion sizes contribute to the calorie count. If you focus merely on Keto you need to understand that the Keto diet is already high on fat content. Consuming a lot of Keto meals may put you in the state of ketosis but it will leave you with a significantly increased amount of calories that can not only slow down your weight loss process but also can contribute to weight gain.
Whole Foods
To reach major goals in life it is important to step out of your comfort zone with courage, determination, and consistency. If weight loss mission is your ultimate goal, make sure you conquer it by coming out of your comfort zone.
Don’t know how?
Well, this is going to make you panic a bit for sure but it is important to leave looking for convenience in processed food. We know it is not easy but that is exactly why we said that you need to step out of your comfort zone and close non-processed nutrition-rich whole foods for your meals.
Processed foods are always bad if you consume them often, they are mostly high on calories as compared to the version of it that you can prepare from fresh ingredients at home. Due to heat processing, they are mostly low on nutritional contents too and added preservatives also increase health concerns. Even if it says Keto-friendly on the pack does not mean you can go crazy after it and it won’t have any effects.
Sleep and Stress
Sleep and stress are both very important when it comes to weight loss. Even if you are on Keto diet you need to make sure that you are not stressing yourself out even if it is all about health concerns, you need to sit down and take a deep breath because stressing too much also contribute to slower weight loss. Completing your sleep cycle is also an important factor. Even if you are on a Keto diet you need to make sure that these factors are under control.
Doing a Keto diet the right way is most important if you want effective weight loss. There is a possibility that you might even gain some inches if you are doing the wrong way. Make sure to keep a check on your carbs and calories. Sleep well and stress less to lose weight.

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