Can I have a Cheat Day on Keto?

You may have tried many different types of diets and health care routines but failed at maintaining it for a longer period. The most common reason for this inability to maintain a certain diet type is cravings. Food cravings are longings for certain food types that are mostly considered to be unhealthy. The majority of people usually don’t crave salads right? It is always that loaded cheese pizza, that double meaty burger or those big packs of chips.
Sometimes you may take a deep breath and pass through the restaurants that serve our favorite food. What about most of the time? We are sure that most of the time you might have ended up binge eating putting an entire week or month of weight loss or healthy diet efforts to trash. That is not at all right for you and you might end up developing many health conditions that will make your life miserable.
Looking for a solution that can provide you all the health benefits and also puts a check at your cravings? Don’t look anymore because we have the ultimate solution right here for you.
Defining Keto Diet
The name Keto has been derived from the word ketosis which is a purification process that puts your metabolism on the mission to burn down all your extra inches fast and efficiently. It is not just good for your body but also has an amazing effect on the health of your brain. This happens because your brain gets an increased supply of energy through the burnt down tough fats. Keto diet involves the use of fat and protein-rich foods that are considerably low on the carbohydrates or most commonly known as carbs. It has been found to have exceptional health benefits especially for people who have certain health conditions like cardio disorders, diabetes, PCOS, and many others. As Keto diet is also good for your brain it is found to be effective in reducing the symptoms of certain neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease and Epilepsy.
Cheat Days
Cheat days were introduced to help you out with the cravings without disrupting your health care routines. If you are very health conscious you might have planned your cheat day after 15 days so that you have a total of 2 cheat days a month. However, most people have one day in a week as a cheat day where they are free to eat whatever they want. It is a broadly accepted ideology that when you are given complete freedom to eat whatever you want, you are likely to eat in less quantity.
No matter which healthy diet you are you might still think, search or ask your friends “Can I shave a cheat day on Keto?” Don’t look anymore for an answer to this question because we have an in detail explanation of it right here!

Cheat Days on Keto Diet
Just because it is widely accepted does it work for you? Of course, this is not a guarantee. Even if something is very popular it may not be the right thing for you. This is because everyone on earth is different in the way they think and behave. You need to keep an eye on your diet even if you are on your cheat day. Some people destroy all their previous progress and efforts of taking a healthy diet by eating a lot on one day and make it sound cool to themselves and others by saying that they are on a cheat day. Well, they certainly are because they are cheating for sure but not with their diet, with their health.
Cheat Days are Unnecessary
Most people don’t find it hard to stick to their diet plan while they are on Keto. This is because Keto diet makes you feel fuller and when you are not too hungry you are less likely to break your boundaries and run to a restaurant. All you are cutting down from your diet are the carbs. Moreover, proteins are also part of the Keto diet which helps you in maintaining the taste of your meal making it good to eat and they also keep your cravings down. Just cutting the carbs makes you feel like you have sacrificed a little thing for a lot of benefits so that is not a bad deal.
Self-Control on Cheat Days
It is completely permissible to have cheat days while you are on Keto diet but you need to do it carefully otherwise you will end up losing all the benefits that you have gained by staying on a Keto diet. The main thing you need to keep in mind is that what you are doing a Keto diet for. If you are doing it for weight loss, no problem you can have one cheat day in the week in which you can have one meal that is high on carbs. This will help you in maintaining your weight loss; yes you can indeed keep on losing weight even if you have a cheat meal per week. You can have a slice of pizza or even two; you can also have a piece of cake or a plate of pasta. Make sure you don’t end up eating the entire pizza, half of the cake or pan of pizza simply because you haven’t eaten it in a while because self-control is the major key to successfully stay on track.
Special Occasions
You need to have strong self-control, by that we mean control that is stronger than your biggest excuse. Special occasions are a good excuse to put your diet chart away, but if you love your body please do it a favor i.e. swap your scheduled cheat day with the day of a special occasion. That might be a party, a wedding or a dinner. Enjoy life to the fullest; Keto diet won’t get in your way.
Yes, you can have cheat days while you are on Keto, but make sure you have them under control so that you might not end up losing all your progress to date just because you lost control over your cravings.

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