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    Diet to lose back fat

    The back is a common area where fat accumulates. Weight loss efforts such as reducing food intake and doing exercises that target the back often yield unsatisfactory results. So, how exactly do you get rid of back fat? When it comes to diet, you can very effectively lose fat in your body by cutting down […] More

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    Diet to Lose Thigh Fat

    First, the bad news: You won’t find a diet to lose thigh fat anywhere. There really isn’t anything you can do as far as spot-reducing fat in your thighs – or any other region for that matter, is concerned. Our bodies just don’t work like that. When we shed fat, we do so uniformly, across […] More

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    When to Drink Green Juice

    Green juices are exceptionally popular and they are having their fair share of fame because of their distinguished health care benefits. Are you already consuming one glass of green juice a day but still not feeling as good as the fitness experts claim that you will? YOU are not the only one in the league […] More

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    Green Juice for Weight Loss

    Excessive weight has become a major health concern these days because everyone wants to look slim and smart. When you are in good shape and have an appropriate figure, it ultimately makes you feel confident and beautiful. You don’t have to worry about what to wear and what to not because everything will suit you […] More

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    Does Detox Tea Make You Poop?

    There are a whole lot of claims online about what detox teas can and cannot do for you, and even more questions about how they work. A surprisingly frequent question is, does detox tea make you poop? If this is question tickling the back of your mind, it’s probably safe to assume that you could […] More

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    Is Green Juice Good for You

    Green juices are one of the latest trending drinks and you might have seen celebrities taking it and talking about their numerous health benefits. No doubt it is a healthy addition to your daily routine if it is consumed in a moderate amount. While all the celebs and fitness experts are tirelessly speaking of the […] More

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    How much water should I drink on keto?

    The keto diet, short for ketogenic diet, is a popular option recommended by experts for those who want to lose weight. Following the keto diet involves reducing the amount of carbohydrates and increasing the amount of fats that you consume such that carbohydrates constitute only around 5% of your diet and fats constitute around 75% […] More

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